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✦ 來~跟毛小孩聊天 2
✦ 來~一起跟毛小孩聊天

Before becoming a trusted and famous animal communicator in Taiwan, Leslie was a journalist who interviewed celebrities and explored various news stories. She had worked in the media business for almost 6 years before she unexpectedly bumped into the key to talk to animals. She picked up this special second language, and very soon, she embarked on the fascinating journey of animal communication.

Leslie has great passion for animals. Listening and talking to furry friends is a great joy in her life. For her, being an animal communicator is very much like being a marriage counselor. The goal is to help couples who love each other so dearly find the right way to talk.

After communicating with more than a thousand furry friends, Leslie collected some of the many heart-warming stories and published them into two best- selling books: “Talking to Furry Friends: A Healing Journey”, and “Talking to Furry Friends: Daily Affection”.

Leslie also shares and documents her communication stories with animals on blog and Facebook. She's currently a columnist for ELLE.com and UDN News. Through her writing, Leslie takes readers to look at animals with a whole new fresh perspective.

As an animal advocate, Leslie gives lecture tours in Taipei, Taichung, Tainan and Kaohsiung cities to raise public awareness and understanding regarding animal communication and its benefits for pets and pet owners.
Leslie's journey on animal communication has been broadly covered by media, including China Times, Next Magazine, UDN News, Liberty Times, Niunews, and Vogue.com.

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